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its been a while

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Golly gee! This past month has been crazy!

I went on my yearly mission trip to Mexico, and had an amazing time as always! My family has been visiting and work has been keeping be busy, but I hope to be posting some more stuff in the very near future. I have some tasty recipes to share with you!



Beach Trip!

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Well my friends, I am going to the beach this week!

I will make no huge cakes, though while I am there my friends may be able to talk me into making a small one! “Haha!”

The customer who ordered my last cake ( ) ordered another simple round cake from me today, twas strawberry. It took maybe an hour to make it. But that means she really liked the way the other cake tasted! Yay!

The Coast Guard Cake was a brilliant success! I am happy!

Well, wish me a good time at the beach!


Coast Guard Cake

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Today I finished making a very big cake, it is two 12×18 sheet cakes stuck together. Its a groom’s cake, for a person who just graduated from the coast guard academy (along with his wife-to-be).

Half of the cake is carrot cake, and the other is strawberry. My customer didn’t want fondant to cover the whole cake, so it has smoothed cream cheese frosting with some decorations made from fondant.

The rope going all around the cake is made from fondant, I had to paint gold pearl dust all over it which took forever, But was quite fun! 😉

I spent 6 hours on this cake, not counting the time it took to bake it.

I enjoyed making it, though it almost drove me crazy with its large size!





I loved making the tassels!! I think they are my favorite part of this cake! 😀


P.S. When you are using pearl dust don’t breath it in on accident, it isn’t fun. at all….

P.P.S They just came and picked up the cake, now its out of my house and I’m slightly freaking out because I worry about people handling it!!





~Carrot Cake Cupcakes~

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Hello! I have been so busy I haven’t posted for quite some time!

I have just recently discovered that everyone on the planet, except for me, seems to love carrot cake. This is actually a good thing; I can make a batch of carrot cake cupcakes and feel absolutely no urge to eat them, but everyone else will eat them and like them (or they will be upset because they have to resist them).

I had made some really big sheet cakes for a church function and that’s when everyone told me that I should make carrot cake more often.  So for my sister’s Knit Night gathering I made some carrot cake cupcakes, I think they are adorable!

 I was working on my handwriting!

They are very cute, but the carrot shredding process is not so fun, I am allergic to raw carrots! So I have to wash very well after I shred them. :p

I used the Better Homes and Gardens recipe, and it worked very well. BUT I changed the all purpose flour in the recipe for cake flour, it made it more tasty, I also added vanilla.

Strawberries make the very best of snacks

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Don’t you just love strawberries? I do, my obsession with strawberries is an epic one. This obsession is on the edge of becoming silly, if it hasn’t already. . .

I think that strawberries are the very best for getting rid of the munchies, they don’t make me feel guilty after eating them, aren’t they considerate?

Here is a picture of my strawberry. You should eat strawberries, they are tasty and they go well with chocolate.


(Sorry the top bit is gone, I chomped it.)


                                         This post doesn’t count as a real post, I felt like sharing my strawberry awesomeness.













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I was sitting at my desk a few days ago trying to figure out a new baking project I could post on my blog. But I got sick and I don’t know if I have ever slept that long in my life. I went to bed around 4:00pm, woke up at 9:00pm, ate a granola bar and hit the sack again; I then woke up at 9:30 the next day.

I will try to post something soon…..being sick is not fun, I would suggest avoiding it…

“Wanna Cookie?”

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If you haven’t made No-bake cookies at one point in your life you have missed out. No-bake cookies have been a kind of tradition in my home along with “Puppy chow” which is also known as “Trash.” Oh! and Coca Cola Cake was another one of our favorite family desserts! Does anyone remember Coca cola cake?


My older sisters always made no-bake cookies for us, and we would all gather around the tinfoil sheets and anxiously wait for them to be cool and firm enough to eat. These cookies are very easy to make and extra tasty! In fact, I made some this Friday for some of my friends and I to share at our weekly gathering, and they loved them!

Though I have no pictures of the cookies I do have the recipe, and I will share it with you.

This one is the one we used, and it’s grand!

Happy…no baking!



I may be able to find the recipe for coca cola cake, and if you want to know how to make “Trash”/ “Puppy Chow” look on the back of a Chex Mix box. (they call them “Muddy Buddies.”)