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My first adventure with fondant!

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This is my first adventure with fondant at a decorating class, at our local bakery. The “cake” part of this cake is actually made of styrofoam, it took me a while to get the fondant rolled out to the right size. These cakes are very popular at birthday parties and baby showers.

When you first start, roll out your fondant onto a surface rubbed with crisco, and cut it into strips.Pinch the ends together and lay them on a pan on their sides making loops. You have to let them sit for about 2 days to harden. Pound cake is the best for holding up fondant, after you bake it make sure it is COMPLETELY COOL or your fondant and icing will melt off the cake. After you crumb coat your cake you can put the fondant on. If you use 2 fondant smoothers you can pinch off the extra fondant at the edges of the cake. Next you put on the ribbon that is under the bow, and after that the bow itself. Take a glob of fondant and dip it into some water and put it in the middle of the cake where the ribbon crosses, and stick the bow loops into the fondant. repeat the process on top of the first glob on fondant until you get to the end then use the smallest bow loops to finish it off. You can use all kinds of different decorations for the outside of the cake using cookies cutters. You can use a single rope of fondant or a twist for the bottom of the cake.


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