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Mini cake.

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This cake was a product of a very bored baker. I felt like baking on this particular day, but I didn’t want to make a full cake, and I didn’t feel like cupcakes. So I grabbed the smallest pan in my wedding cake pan set and made an itty-bitty devils food cake. I crumb coated it with some leftover butter cream frosting and dyed some of my white fondant purple, and the rest yellow. After I put the fondant  on I wanted to do something with the yellow, but I couldn’t think of anything. Finally, after rooting around in the cookie cutter stash, I came across a set of flower cutters. I went to work, but they didn’t look good laying flat on the cake, so I cut some tinfoil squares and put the cut-outs on them, then I curved them into a cupped flower. After they firmed up I stuck them on the cake using the same method as the bow on the bow cake. Some of the bigger ones had to have a toothpick stuck through them to stay on. Then I added the dots in the middle of the flowers. It was such a cute cake! But it was gone very quickly.


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  1. I’m enjoying your cake stories! Keep it up 😉


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