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This was one fun cake! I made it for a kid’s choir I play the piano for, it was an end of the year surprise for the kids.  When the director asked me if I would be willing to make a music cake I was completely jazzed! I was ready to make another bow cake, so I went at it. I made the bow loops 2 days before. The real problem I had with this cake was dying the fondant black for the loops; you see, I went to the bakery to get some black fondant, but they were all out (a lady had just left with the last bit) and I stood there wondering if I could dye the dark chocolate fondant black, I asked the shop keeper and she said she had never tried to do it, but that it might work, and to please come back and tell her if it did. So I went home to try it out. IT TOOK FOREVER! My hands were so sore! But I finally got it the color I wanted, Thank goodness.

I will be buying all my black fondant in the future! And I suggest you do the same.

I had fun cutting out the music notes for the cake as well, but it took a long time to get a handle on it. I had to practice a lot. But the cake was done on time, and the kids loved it! It was chocolate, with vanilla frosting.

P.S.  When you are dying fondant you have to use gel based food coloring! The water based will disintegrate your fondant!


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  1. beautiful Livy! This cake made me excited!


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