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Chocolate cake! Yummm

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I have made this cake several times now, and it comes out tasty every time!

I used Martha Stewart’s One Bowl Chocolate Cake. And the No Bake Fudge Frosting from Better Homes and Gardens.

When The cake calls for Buttermilk, use real buttermilk it tastes amazing. And for goodness sake butter the pans with real butter! You can use regular Coco powder, even though the recipe calls for Dutch Processed ( but if you can get your hands on some Dutch processed I would suggest getting some) And I added some espresso powder to the mix, because it really brings out the chocolate flavor (use about a half tablespoon)! The batter for this cake looks like it is way too wet, but trust me, its fine. Depending on your oven you might have to cook the cake a little bit longer than the recipe calls for, but my oven usually works fine for this one.

The icing I used for this cake is very simple, just follow the directions and you will be fine. You can also eat this cake with some fresh strawberries it’s really yummy.

these pictures of my first shot at this cake aren’t so great, but it tasted good. Haha!


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