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Happy Birthday! I made hedgehogs! <3

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This past week was my sister’s birthday! (Happy 20th Birthday Lolly!) I made her a bunch of hedgehog cupcakes and a small cake for her party (there were quite a bunch of people coming) she liked them, I rather liked them as well.  Her favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting, so that’s what I made. For the spines on the hedgehog cupcakes I used chocolate dipped pretzels,the dipping took a long time but I think it was worth it, and for the face on the loveable tasty critters I used Hershey’s  Kisses. The cake was very simple, I made a bunch of leaves for the border, and sense I hadn’t done rosebuds in a long time I put some on. I’m quite proud of my handwriting (frosting writing, piping writing?) on the cake, because I am very bad at the whole neatness factor when it comes to piping letters “Haha!” So needless to say I was extremely careful with this one, it being my sister’s birthday cake and all. Anyway, I had a good time with this project, and I think that they were a hit at the party!


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  1. That cake looks awesome! I hope Laura had a great birthday!


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