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A silent auction? My, how exciting!

   So one of my friends asked me to make her a fall a cake for a silent auction she was having at her learning centre in our town. I was thrilled, my mother and I decided it would be a perk to add a certificate for a free special occasion cake for people to bid on as well. I worked for a very long time on this cake.

Mostly because I had to remake the cake part of it! The first was a fail, I whipped up another and put it in the oven, but a large setback reared its nasty head to chomp out a large bit of productivity for that evening. It was going to take HOURS for the new cake to cool off so I could ice it and put fondant on it. At 10:00pm I started with that. At 3:00am I finished the whole deal.

 Do you have any idea how tedious it is to work on a cake all by yourself in a kitchen while the rest of the house slumbers in blissful contentedness while you are about to fall asleep on a creation you have poured your whole being into? Yeah, me either, until that night. I usually have a jabbering bunch of sisters hanging around. Anyway, I got the cake done, and then slept like a log, a log that had icing in its hair (Haha!). Do not get me wrong! I really loved making that cake, and I was very willing to do it!!

I will try to get some pictures together and post them, but I missed blogging so I decided to drop y’all a new one!



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