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~Fall Leaf Cake~

Alright! I found a picture of my fall leaf cake; it’s not a good picture. But it gives you the idea. :p

I think I would like to give this one another go. With gum paste leaves maybe, a little molding chocolate rake? Well will see, I already have to make some cakes for a wedding on Saturday so I won’t have much free time for a “splurge-cake.”   

Here is a little bit I think I left out of my previous post, Did you know that to paint on fondant with food coloring you must add a little bit of some kind of alcohol? (Not like rubbing alcohol!) I used rum, but that doesn’t make the cake for “adults only” the alcohol evaporates because you use so little. Painting the leaves was a bit like using water color paints but replacing the water with rum. So there you go, my fall leaf cake. (and yes someone did buy it at the auction!)


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