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Lemon Pound Cake <3

  Here I am its ten o’clock at night and I’m baking again! I have two lemon pound cake orders for a wedding on Saturday, but they have to be delivered tomorrow afternoon, and because my lovely sister wants me to come over tomorrow I need to finish these suckers tonight. I’m using the pound cake recipe from Better Homes and Garden’s cookbook, and I added the juice of one lemon. I am topping them with lemon glaze, which is actually quite simple to make. Here is the recipe (created by yours truly)

You need:

Lemons, enough to fill one cup, all the way full. You can hand squeeze them like I did and strain the juice, or you can use one of those snazzy juicers that does it all for you (Personally I think it’s better to clean up a bowl and a strainer.)

Confectioners’ sugar.

You dump the confectioners sugar into the lemon juice (1/4 cup at a time) stirring a lot with a whisk until you have a glaze.

Taadaa! Aren’t I so smart? “Haha”

Anyway! Pictures will pop up soon, possibly tomorrow.


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