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Apple Pie

   I love November, Its one of my favorite times of year. Along with my birthday one of my favorite events that take place during November is Thanksgiving. I have a big family, and when Thanksgiving rolls ’round we know it’s time to crank up the oven and turn on all the burners. And needless to say desert is a BIG deal for us at Thanksgiving, my dad brothers in law and my grandpa LOVE dessert. I usually make an apple pie for my contribution to the dessert table, but I have never found a recipe for the crust that I liked, until now. I found a recipe in one of our cook books and changed it around till I got it the way I wanted it.   And the finished product was this:

2 cups of fluffed All-purpose flour

2/3 cups of Crisco

2 spoonfuls of sugar

A bit o’ salt

And enough water to make it doughy enough.

I make the pie filling myself; I never looked at a recipe for that part of the pie.  This is what I use:

About 2 handfuls of brown sugar

2 cups of white sugar

Cinnamon, enough to make you happy.

Some nutmeg

And a smallish handful of all purpose flour.

I mix all of that into a bowl and start on the apples, 5 of them. I peel them and cut them very thin, then dump them into the sugar and flour mix, the moisture from the apples is usually enough to make it like a pie filling but if it’s too dry add some water, but not a whole bunch. A little water goes a long way.

So I used this plan to make a pie the other day, and it turned out great.  The top picture is the tiny pie I made with the leftovers. The bottom one is the “main attraction”


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