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~December delights~

It’s December! And down here in the south it’s finally getting cold, though I’m sure all my northern buddies have been freezing for a much longer time than I! I like December, Christmas is in December! And I get to buy bunches of presents, to make lovely Christmas treats, to decorate the tree and to spend time with my family! I also get to think about God’s love for me, and how He gave us the ultimate gift.

Hot Chocolate is a lovely treat, little else can compare to a mug of warm chocolate to make you feel content. (Except maybe coffee with hot chocolate in it!)

When I was little my Mom used to make hot chocolate over the stove, it’s really quite simple.

First you put as many cups of milk in the pot as you have people, in our case that was 7. Then turn the stove up to medium and stir until the milk is nice and hot, it doesn’t have to come to a boil. Grab some cocoa powder and sift several spoonfuls in (you don’t have to sift but I usually do), the amount can change depending on how chocolaty you like it. Then add some sugar. Whisk all of that up until there are absolutely no lumps and serve in your favorite mug!

Homemade hot chocolate, not hard to make at all. Just make sure you keep stirring or your milk could burn!

And with that very simple recipe I bid you farewell, and I go to drink some hot chocolate myself!


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  1. Love it! A great recipe for a great time of year.


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