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~ Eggs = Good Food ~

My family lives on a farm, we have horses, dogs, cats, a rabbit, and a whole bunch of noisy cranky mentally challenged chickens. The up side to these little annoyances is that they give me and my family loads of eggs. And let me tell ya, farm fresh eggs for breakfast are wonderful. My favorite breakfast food these past few weeks has been, The Omelet!

Yes, Omelets are so yummy!

When I make an omelet I get a few things out of my cupboard to spice things up.

Black Pepper (freshly ground)

Basil leaves

Parsley flakes

I mix a few shakes of all of those into a bowl with a bit ‘o half and half and one egg (or two depending on how hungry I am) and I mix them up with a fork.

I like to put meat and cheese in my omelet as well, usually turkey and parmesan.

When you are cooking an omelet you need to remember that your pan need not be too hot, cook it on medium heat. And here is another handy tip, spray your spatula with cooking spray when you are spraying your pan; it helps with the flipping of your omelet while you are cooking.

Now if you know how to make an omelet you are all set, but if you don’t know how and you mess it all up (like I did in the beginning) while its in the pan grab a fork and scramble that egg up! It will still be good! And keep trying, I have learned that omelets can be one of the most annoying things to make, but they are too tasty to give up on.


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