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I made a new frosting recipe! (Well, it’s new to me)

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Hello friends, I have been waiting to post my new frosting recipe for a week now, I haven’t had a spare moment to tap out a new post until now.

I was experimenting with my chocolate frosting recipe. I found some whipping cream in my fridge that my sister didn’t use in her Cheese cake escapade. I whipped up some good ‘ol home made whipped cream and stirred that into my already made chocolate frosting, and the effect was delightful. It was light and fluffy, And very yummy!

So here is what ya need to do if you would like to try this tasty treat that I stumbled upon in my kitchen wanderings.

~ Into a large bowl sift 4 1/2 cups of powdered sugar and 1/2 cup of cocoa powder. Add a pinch of salt (salt helps bring out the chocolate flavor better in any chocolate confection, as does a bit of espresso powder).

~Soften a stick of butter (1/2 cup) and cream it with your mixer, add 1 tsp. of vanilla. (Scrape sides!)

~ Add the powdered sugar mix to the butter mix bit by bit with 1/3 cup of hot water  with your mixer on “stir” or the slowest speed you have (unless you want your kitchen to look like South Bend, Indiana at Christmas), when the sugar mixture and water are incorporated into the butter and vanilla mix you can crank the speed (scrape sides!). Beat the frosting for about 1 and a half minutes.

~ After you are finished with the frosting you can add your whipped cream, blend it together in your mixer. it looks like a chocolate cloud of awesome.”Yum!”

But what is this?! You say you don’t know how to make whipped cream? How sad, well its as easy as falling off a log.

Here you go.

~ Get a half pint of heavy whipping cream. . . . open it, what are you waiting for? Put it in your mixer bowl, get the whisk attachment, WHIP IT GOOD! Stop “whipping it good” when it looks like whipped cream. See? Not hard.

If you like you can add some sugar to your whipped cream, but it makes a very very sweet frosting. The sugar in the chocolate frosting recipe should be enough sugar, but you do what you want.

I made some devil’s food cupcakes and put my frosting on them, using my 2D icing tip, Wilton. (the really big one)

They looked like this, they were eaten very quickly. I might try to do this with some vanilla frosting, but I don’t think it would taste as good…

this is what the frosting looked like.

And the bowl….

And just in case you didn’t know, Whipped cream has to be refrigerated, keep cupcakes in fridge!


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