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“Wanna Cookie?”

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If you haven’t made No-bake cookies at one point in your life you have missed out. No-bake cookies have been a kind of tradition in my home along with “Puppy chow” which is also known as “Trash.” Oh! and Coca Cola Cake was another one of our favorite family desserts! Does anyone remember Coca cola cake?


My older sisters always made no-bake cookies for us, and we would all gather around the tinfoil sheets and anxiously wait for them to be cool and firm enough to eat. These cookies are very easy to make and extra tasty! In fact, I made some this Friday for some of my friends and I to share at our weekly gathering, and they loved them!

Though I have no pictures of the cookies I do have the recipe, and I will share it with you.

This one is the one we used, and it’s grand!

Happy…no baking!



I may be able to find the recipe for coca cola cake, and if you want to know how to make “Trash”/ “Puppy Chow” look on the back of a Chex Mix box. (they call them “Muddy Buddies.”)




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