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~Carrot Cake Cupcakes~

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Hello! I have been so busy I haven’t posted for quite some time!

I have just recently discovered that everyone on the planet, except for me, seems to love carrot cake. This is actually a good thing; I can make a batch of carrot cake cupcakes and feel absolutely no urge to eat them, but everyone else will eat them and like them (or they will be upset because they have to resist them).

I had made some really big sheet cakes for a church function and that’s when everyone told me that I should make carrot cake more often.  So for my sister’s Knit Night gathering I made some carrot cake cupcakes, I think they are adorable!

 I was working on my handwriting!

They are very cute, but the carrot shredding process is not so fun, I am allergic to raw carrots! So I have to wash very well after I shred them. :p

I used the Better Homes and Gardens recipe, and it worked very well. BUT I changed the all purpose flour in the recipe for cake flour, it made it more tasty, I also added vanilla.


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