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Coast Guard Cake

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Today I finished making a very big cake, it is two 12×18 sheet cakes stuck together. Its a groom’s cake, for a person who just graduated from the coast guard academy (along with his wife-to-be).

Half of the cake is carrot cake, and the other is strawberry. My customer didn’t want fondant to cover the whole cake, so it has smoothed cream cheese frosting with some decorations made from fondant.

The rope going all around the cake is made from fondant, I had to paint gold pearl dust all over it which took forever, But was quite fun! 😉

I spent 6 hours on this cake, not counting the time it took to bake it.

I enjoyed making it, though it almost drove me crazy with its large size!





I loved making the tassels!! I think they are my favorite part of this cake! 😀


P.S. When you are using pearl dust don’t breath it in on accident, it isn’t fun. at all….

P.P.S They just came and picked up the cake, now its out of my house and I’m slightly freaking out because I worry about people handling it!!






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